Monday, February 24, 2014

Monkey Madness

I have been preparing for a friend’s baby shower for weeks now.  Between crafting and food prep, my car looked like I was living out of the trunk.  I’m pretty sure that people were judging me as they walked by when I was trying to Tetris-style my grocery bags into the trunk.  

This is just the nonperishable stuff.  I added more decorations and food that morning.

I decided to go the easy route and do a taco bar, which was really simple to prepare and set up. The party was a success and my friend said that she had a great time. I don’t have that many pictures because we were busy the whole time, but the decorations were cute and the food was pretty good. Thankfully, I had a lot of help from friends with setup and food prep. 

A friend also helped me make delicious shredded chicken taco meat to go with my ground beef.

The mother-to-be's sister made the diaper cake.  I also had a box of Hershey's bars that I colored in "he" since it is going to be a boy.

Snicker doodle cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I made the monkey from scrapbook paper.

My friend helped me with the paper plate bananas. That's right!  The bananas are made of yellow paper plates.  I thought she was going to smack me with her beer bottle because I kept asking her to make more. I also covered an old popcorn gift basket container with scrapbook paper.

Unfortunately, people arrived early so I wasn't able to take a picture of the scrapbook paper garland and pom poms that we put up all over the house.  I also put out cute jars of blue-raspberry and pina colada licorice, blue and white salt water taffy, and blueberry yogurt pretzels. I didn't get any pictures of those either, but I put the licorice and pretzels in ice cream sundae glasses and the salt water taffy in small mason jars if you can picture it in your head.

Nowadays, a shower isn't a shower without some pom poms.

One of the activities was to design a terry cloth bib for the baby.  All of the bibs turned out really well. The Mother-to-be has a lot of artistic friends!

A game that we played was to get your baby to be the first to melt from the ice cube.  Once they baby is freed from the ice you have to be the first to yell "my water broke!" I used my ice cube to cool down my water glass.  The babies were creepy looking. REALLY creepy looking.

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