Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tonight's Dinner: February 26, 2014

Tonight for dinner I was on another mission to clean out our fridge of veggies. I’m always super gung-ho about buying veggies, but then they end up sitting in my fridge.  Even though I frequently cook with vegetables, I always seem to have so many sitting around.  I think this is because, like many things in my kitchen and pantry (eggs, olives, pasta, and cream of mushroom to name a few), I get panicky if I don’t have at least some sort of vegetable in my fridge.  The problem with this is that unlike the other items that I like to always have in stock, vegetables perish very quickly and our dinner schedule often changes.  I’ve been trying to buy veggies that keep a little longer like cauliflower, broccoli, bell peppers and potatoes, but often times I’m swayed into purchasing leafy greens because they are so pretty and packed with vitamins.  

I also want to clean out some things from our freezer before my next Costco trip.  That being said, I decided to make a soup.  To me, soups, stews, and pasta sauces are catchalls for extra veggies and freezer food.  It seems like we’ve been having a lot of pasta lately and it was raining so a soup was the best choice.  Superfast and pretty tasty, I made a zucchini, gai lan, cilantro, green onion and wonton soup. As a base I just used some chicken bullion.  Recently, I’ve shied away from chicken bullion because of its unnatural ingredients, but it really does add some nice flavor without having to use chicken stock, which I’m fresh out of.  

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