Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tonight's Dinner: February 14, 2014

Tonight for dinner Nick and I headed over to my in-laws to make lamb chops and scallops.  We’re not really big on Valentine’s Day anyway so it was nice to get together with the family.   We had originally wanted to have scallops and lamb for two, but when the Fongs invited us over for lamb and scallops for five, we were all in.  On top of the lamb and scallops, my mother-in-law also had picked up shrimp to make scampi.  They had taken out a bottle of white wine for the scampi sauce, but I didn’t know what it was for so I started to make my own wine reduction for the scallops.  It’s a good thing they had a whole bottle for me to use!  I didn’t know that scampi was on the menu.  The dinner turned out really well and I ate so many scallops I think I might actually be scallop-ed out for a while.  I didn’t know that could happen.  

While Nick grilled the lamb chops and asparagus outside, I made the scallops and scampi.  I was really quite surprised how well the seafood came out. Sometimes I’m a little hit or miss with doneness.  Usually I pull the seafood off a little too late so that they are slightly over cooked (in my opinion), but this time I hit the nail on the head.  My parents happen to like their scallops a little more well-done than I do.

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