Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tonight's Dinner: February 11, 2014

Tonight dinner took forever.  Was it worth it?  I’m not so sure.   I had the idea midday to try my hand at Haianese Chicken Rice (HCR) again.  I found this great recipe blog with a wealth of information including HCR.  I’m not linking it here because I was looking at it during work and my boss who is a firewall guru came out to say that it was trying to download a virus to my PC.  My personal computer is a Mac with an antivirus system installed so I didn’t mind opening it up again at home.  If you do want to risk it, the blog is called Maameemoomoo.  Her recipes look amazing, but it is a shame that there was a virus attached to the site.  She is a mother of three and an avid blogger so I’m sure that it isn’t something that she intended or even is aware of.

The HCR was quite tasty despite the fact that I didn’t have Pandan leaves, which are apparently pretty important.  This could be why the HCR didn’t quite taste as good as when we were in Malaysia.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to replicate the Hawker market chicken rice, but I’m sure going to try.   The other downside about this recipe is that it took FOREVER. I think I started dinner around 6:30pm and we didn’t eat until 9pm.  This is definitely a weekend meal.  It also used a ton of pots and on weekdays I try to keep it down to a two pot maximum.   The dish was good enough to have my inlaws over to try some time soon, but it was definitely a long process.  I’ll try to acquire some Pandan leaves. 

Rubbed down with salt to make the skin smooth.

Stuffed with ginger and green onion.

Chilling in an ice bath.  Well, there was ice in it before.

Left over broth.

On the left is a ginger/green onion puree and right is a garlic-shallot dipping sauce.

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