Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tonight's Dinner: February 18, 2014

I spent about 5 minutes at the gym tonight. I literally walked in, changed, went to the bouldering cave, saw that it was packed, walked out. I took Emmy for a short run instead.  The fact that the cave was full of pubescent teenagers didn’t help either.  

For dinner I had planned to use up the rest of the zucchini casserole that I made on Sunday night.  I had prepared a bone-in pork shoulder in the crock pot the night before in a mixture of low sodium vegetable stock and the rest of my garlic spread.  I just poured the stock into the garlic spread jar and gave it a good shake.  I also added an extra jar full of water, two chunks of ginger, and a handful of parsley with stems. By the time I got home from work, the hock was ready to come out and falling apart.  This got me a little excited since I was planning on shredding the pork to put in the pasta dish.  I couldn’t bear to throw the cooking liquid away so I dumped in some cleaned rice and switched the pot to high.  The rice will be nice and tasty for the stir fry that I have planned later in the week.  This meal cost less than $8 for the two of us.

There was a ton of fatty skin that I ended up getting rid of.

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