Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Softball Practice and Batting Cages

Saturday was an eventful practice.  Well, before practice was eventful.  If I wasn't afraid enough of the softball before, I am now.  Our coach accidentally hit his wife with a ball and split her eyebrow.  She ended up having to get seven stitches and has a black eye.  Apparently she jumped for the ball when she didn't really need to jump and it caught her in the eye and not her mitt.  It's a good thing she was wearing her sunglasses.  They snapped, which probably caused the cut, but I think that if she wasn't wearing them that she would have had a lot more damage to her eye.  She was a trooper and didn't freak out.  I would have been having a heart attack.  Good thing for us one of our friends is an REI guru and is always fully stocked with outdoorsy stuff including a giant first aid kit.  REI Guru slapped a maxi pad onto Coach's Wife's face and Coach drove her to the hospital.  They stitched her up and gave her a CAT scan just to make sure that there wasn't more damage than the gash in her brow.  She was also asked questions about how it happened, was it really an accident, whether she felt safe at home etc.  Coach was sitting right there.  It seems like if they were going to ask her if she felt safe around her hubby that they would do it while he was out of the room.  It probably didn't help that her shins were all bruised up because she is our catcher.  Coach's Wife is fine now, but she has been getting headaches and Coach feels bad.  I'm not sure if it's better that it's his wife or not since he has to go home with her!  If it was another player he would feel bad but not have to hear about it when he gets in bed.  Hehee.

Last night our team went to the batting cages.  I was actually able to hit the ball!  I'm quite excited about softball now.  I want to see if I can actually hit it in a game.  Catching is still an issue, but if I focus I might be able to get my bat on the ball.  It also was a great stress reliever.  Now that Dave is gone work has been stressful.  Mostly I think I get frustrated with Neil because I never know what he's doing or where he is if I need help.  I was literally hitting each ball and thinking NEIL! NEIL! NEIL! It really helped.  I was peppy and feeling good after our session.

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