Monday, September 11, 2006

All my bags are packed...almost

Yesterday I went to the Cal vs. Minnesota game with my dad. We went to a guy's tailgate where I ended up having a few beers at one in the afternoon. The game itself was pretty good. It started loosing its flare when we were up 35 to 17. The ending score was 42 to 17. We totally creamed them. I had a blast. Apparently people actually turn around in the stands to look for our confetti. Auntie Sue and Uncle Baldy forgot to bring it, so we tore up some newspapers as our makeshift confetti. Usually they use the yellow pages and have little blue cut-out bears intermix in the batch. Yesterday would have been a great opportunity to show off those blue and gold pieces of paper. The game ended pretty late and we went out to dinner afterwards. We ended up getting home at about 10 so I wasn't able to go sake bombin' with Shanna and Melanie. Sorry guys. I was pretty tired.

Today we got up early so that we could make it out to the city for dim sum with the family. Erika is sooooo cute! She put on my big sunglasses and her face is so small that it disappeared. My Uncle Victor gave her a little ring and she kept saying "mine" in korean. Adorable!

After that, I started packing my stuff. I also went out and got a replacement ball for one of my earrings because it fell out last night. I was totally bummed because the barbell fell out too so I thought it was lost for good until I stepped on it. The ball is God knows where, but it's all fixed now. Anyways, packing is the biggest pain especially since I have so much stuff. We already sent out a bunch of stuff, but now we have to send out more because I can't carry it all. I got a good portion of my clothes in Christopher's high adventure bag, which is huge, but I couldn't lift it! So I had to take out a bunch of stuff. It was a pain to put all the stuff away. Then Christopher and I attacked my stuff in the garage. I am now proud to say that all my blankets from my bed down in Riverside are now on my bed here. 10 layers, thank you very much. I won't get cold this winter when I come home! Woo Hoo!

My parents teamed up and made an awesome dinner for my going away. I have to admit that now that a lot of things are packed, I'm getting pretty sad to go. I'm very excited and miss Edward and all, but it is nice being home with the family. The distance must be getting to me, because I'm coming back in two months. That's even shorter than when I was in school! I think just knowing that I'll be clear across the country is what's throwing us for a loop. One more day and I'm off. At least I know I'll be in good hands.

After I talked to my aunt today, she brought up the subject of my story posts. Since this is a public blog and everyone can see it I guess there is a slight risk. Personally I don't think my ideas are that great, but who knows. Someone might actually see some potentional in InvinciBob. He is a pretty awesome character. The mutated porcupine was pretty awesome too. Can you imagine running away from a six foot tall, spine shooting porcupine? I might go back and make some revisions so that the rodent appears a little scarier. I don't think he's getting as much credit as he should. He's a man eating death machine you know. I have my next villan on the way. He was inspired by a baby toy. Hahaha, God this is going to be awesome.

Anyways, Auntie Mary said that I should be careful about people stealing my ideas and stuff. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't want to make a career out of this, so I've decided to not post my stuff anymore. I'll probably still post the Harry Potter game stuff, since that will be published anyways, but InvinciBob will no longer be posted, nor will my dreams. So, all you CS guys, is there such a thing as a private website? Would I be able to post InvinciBob among other stories on a website where I can allow certain people in? Kinda like how I only allow people who are on my buddy list to see me? If there is such a thing, can any of you make a site for me? Any takers? Any? I'm lookin' for hands here guys. C’mon, let me see them. I know you guys want to hear more about InvinciBob's adventure with demon animals...who wouldn't? ...don't answer that.

Okay, well if anyone has a solution for my copyright problem please let me know. I like being able to have you guys see what I work hard on, but Auntie Mary does have a point. Plus, what if the theif just likes the idea and writes it better than me? That would be worse than them stealing the whole thing and getting published with it!

Eww, Christopher and I just had an overly long conversation about our dandruff. Disgusting.

Wow, that was a long post. Sorry, but you all know I talk a lot. Right now I bet you all wished I wrote faster than I typed. Sorry Charlie, no can do.


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Anonymous said...

I think you can do something like that on Blogspot, but if you can't check Google and whatnot. Also, you'll have to check with the policies and EULA for the site to see who owns the content you post. MyShit, etc own everything you put on the site, and many others probably do also. If you really need your own place to put copyright-able stuff talk to Austin.