Wednesday, September 06, 2006

my new room...which is really the Azkaban wall

Keep in mind that this is a prison wall.

Salt encrusted cracks littered the wall as if they were brown veracious veins spindling their way across the long stretch of rough cement. Sea-spray does more damage than filling erratic cracks with salt. The moisture infused wall bulges in the center, leaving a sizable dip in the cracked walkway. To prevent the wall from collapsing, the guards are forced to walk on the dangerous outer edges of the wall. The low ledge does little to protect any pedestrian from falling and is a better mechanism for tripping over than preventing sudden death. The jagged rocks at the base of the wall ensure a quick and bloody goodbye. The wall itself follows a path of two directions, east and west where the high tide floods over the ledge and soaks into the concaved walk.

Extended Descriptions
Cracks Brown Salt Dirty:Salt water from the constant spray of the unforgiving sea provides the excrement colored crystals that form in the small lined sectors. No one would dare use this salt at their table for fear of being poisoned. Though the salt would cause no harm, the foreboding appearance is enough to convince anyone to not venture out and scrape some off.

Bulge Walkway Dip
:The concaved dip displays the poor architectural structure of the wall. In their rush to use Azkaban, the builders failed to give the concrete time to cure. With the constant moisture, the concrete needed extra time to settle before use. As a result, the center of the walkway caved in due to patrolling guards.

High Tide Soaks:The sagging walkway is plagued with many large cracks leaving chunks of concrete to protrude out of or fall into the wall. These cracks provide a way for the salty water to enter the wall and further create damage and threat of collapsing. The unwanted water also hinders the still settling concrete. This evidence is the distinct bulge on either side of the wall.

addecho 10 22 3 A large tide crashes against the east wall and quickly soaks into cracks of the walkway.

addecho 1 23 2 Blustering wind pummels the walls and anything on it. Even the chunked concrete slabs settled on the walkway seems to quiver.

So what do you guys think? I picked the wall because it was a challenge. I had to match the look and feel of the wall with someone else's description who wrote another part of the wall. It wasn't as hard as I thought, but the other writer did a much better job than I did. I only hope that I can be a great writer like her, well maybe him. I'm not sure who wrote it. If you're interested I can post that too.