Saturday, September 30, 2006

I'm addicted to Veronica Mars

Okay so yesterday I did absolutely nothing but watch Veronica Mars. I was the biggest bum in the world. I hadn't even gone into the kitchen until late last night. I did manage to get out though to go to dinner and the women's hockey game with Ed. It was our two year anniversary so we felt, well I felt, likt we should go out on a "date". The game was pretty cool even though we lost.

Today we went to the RPI football game and they beat Becker 56 to 6. We actually cheered when the other team made their touchdown. I also found a Veronica Mars squeal partner in my high school friend Abby. I'm very excited as Ed says that I loose brain cells watching the shows. I argue that I like the mystery not the acting. It's in it's third season now and the ratings aren't good. Everyone start watching!!!!

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