Wednesday, September 27, 2006 post

Now that I've started with Creative Memories, I have to find people who want to come to my sessions to learn how to scrapbook. I'm feeling a little apprehensive about it all. I'm in a town full of geeky tech college students. There are way more guys here than girls, so I don't know if anyone will really be interested. I've posted fliers and sent out some email, but haven't gotten any responses back. One club, which consists of mostly guys, was not interested at all. That is pulling my hopes down a little.

I have an appointment with the program coordinator for the dorms at RPI tomorrow. I'm hopeful for that, but still a little uncertain. What if she decides that this isn't a good thing for the students? If I can't get the ball rolling I'm afraid that I'll crash. My consultant continues to be really supportive so at least I have her, but I'm surrounded by people who are utterly uninterested in scrapbooks.

On top of that, the product that I was planning to make a killing on isn't going to be released until Nov. 1st instead of Oct. 1st. I'm supposed to make a certain retail min. in order to get a successful start. I'm pretty sure that once I can get a good client base I'll be set, but right now I'm feeling pretty blue. It would help if I knew people out here, but with the move, I know about five people and two of them are my fellow consultants. They obviously are doing well in this company, but I just feel lost and frankly, scared that I won't be able to make an income. I just don't want to be loosing money on this. I of course love scrapbooking so the tools won't be a waste, but I really want to be able to support myself.

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