Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Okay here it is

Alrighty, well since Austin keeps complaining about me not posting, here it is. Okay, so I've been pretty busy with all of my scrapbooking stuff. I finally signed my contract last Thursday and was very excited to get my first products from my upline. She gave me a little head start by giving me pretty much everything that is in my starters kit. She keeps an inventory, so it was nice to be able to get started on my demo book right away. Depending on when she faxed my contract in, I'm supposed to get my kit tomorrow. When I get it, I'll just give her back all the stuff that she gave to me. I also went to a workshop that she held. I really enjoyed it. Six straight hours of scrapbooking with people who are as enthusiastic as I am. It was nice getting some positive feedback from some of her clients. On top of that, I was able to take a bunch of her stuff and just put it on a list so that I could pay her back. And guys, they have some seriously awesome tools. There is this thing called a "pick" that helps you put tiny little stickers on and also takes them off without tearing your stickers. It is totally awesome. Here are some pictures of what has been keeping me busy the last few days. Okay, so some of them are at a weird angle because I didn't want to take off all of the plastic sheets so I had to get at a weird angle so that there wasn't too much glare.

Allison's Demo Scrapbook

These aren't all of the pictures, but Ed can't play Battle Field II if I'm uploading them all so I'm going to do them on a later post.

Okay, so after doing all of my scrapbooking stuff, I almost got caught up in a scam! So most of you know that I post my resume online. I got an email asking for a middle man for a company in the UK. I asked Ed if he thought it was okay to do and he said that he thought that it could be okay since they didn't ask for any account numbers or anything. He had also said that he had heard of people doing this before and that there are some legitamate companies who do this kind of stuff. So I applied. Well, after I applied I recieved two checks in the mail for $5000 each. I was like whoa! I thought that it would be checks for like $100 or something, not $5000! I was supposed to get 10% of whatever I transfered so that was going to be like $500 for some guy I didn't know. As soon as I opened this, I text message Ed because he was in class. He told me to not do anything until he got home. So I called my dad instead. I forwarded the email that the guy sent me to him, but he wasn't home so he couldn't look at it right away.

After studying the checks, they did look real and also had a website for Navy Fenderal. So I looked them up online and then called their local branch. The lady told me that it was definitely a scam. Se asked me to send her the checks, which I did. Then today, I got a call from her saying that it was a scam and that there is nothing that I can do now. She gave it to Navy Federal's security section. They told her that this guy was flagged for a scam for some mail order bride or something. She told me not to email him anymore, so I blocked his email address. Now, my problem is that he keeps calling me with an anonymous number. He's left a couple of voicemails but they were really really hard to understand. So I just ignore him.

Okay, so now that I've updated you about that, we have a mouse. We see poop all over and if we ever forget to clean up and leave some crumbs, they're gone by morning. We set out a trap and Ed just told me that he stole the bait but didn't get caught. He's a smart little cookie! I wanted to catch him and keep him as pet, but Ed said that they're bad because they have diseases. But they're so cute! Oh well. He said that it's little and gray. I guess it ran under our sink. I just don't like knowing that it's running all over my disifected counters.

I just finished "The Confessions of a Shopaholic" By Sophie Kinsella. I loved it! It's kinda scary, but I have a lot in common with the protagonist. Although she does frustrate me a lot, I love her character. I've bought the other three books to the series and can't wait for them to show up. Heheh. I suggest reading it.

I think this wraps it up. Oh, I got a suggestion from one of the scrapbook consultants I met about InvinciBob. She said why not call him InvinciBill, like Invicible. I looked up the name, and some guy has that as his username for a comic book website. I changed InviciBob to InvinciBill, but I'm not sure if I want to keep it like this. What do you think?


a to the prizzle said...

howdy lil lady--

this scrapbooking stuff is starting to look better and better to me everyday--i mean i might just have to get up in the mix if i can find lots of spare time

looks like you're doing an awesome job on it =)

oh and i had to chuckle on the disinfected counters comment! GERMAPHOBES FOR LIFE WOOOO!

Anonymous said...

Ewww mice! Don't keep it as a pet - Ed's right, they have cooties!

Jen Jen

Uncle D said...

Awesome scrapbook so far. Thank you very much for using my son for one of your pages. Keep up the good work.

Uncle Dave