Friday, September 01, 2006

Finally getting somewhere

After coming to the close of my first real assignment at the role-playing game I started working at, I've realized that I'm finally getting somewhere. It doesn't matter if this gig is on a volunteer basis. I've only gone through two drafts and I feel like my skills are improving by leaps and bounds. My editors are very nice and easy to talk to while also giving very detailed and informative feedback. If I make a mistake, they tell me what I need to change and why it was wrong. I feel like I'm learning so much!

In college workshops I felt like everyone disliked my writing and would pick at it because they thought that they were the best. I thank them for conditioning me, but now I realize that editors do not have to be so cruel. Knowing that the people who are helping me define my descriptive writing style actually care about how they deliver their comments makes a whole world of difference.

Also, since this game is a non-profit game it makes me feel good that others are having fun at something that I'm helping to create. It is a text-based game so kids and teenagers are forced to read if they want to figure out the clues. I really like how reading can be shaped into fun. When I was avidly applying to graduate school, one of my main concerns was to try to encourage kids to have fun reading. I'm very glad that I'm actually doing that now.

So far this game has made a world of difference in my writing abilities as well as my self-confidence. I think that I'm finally on the right path for a happy and healthy future. Hopefully future employers will recognize this as a credible experience builder, because I am certain that this has been an amazing break through for me.

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