Wednesday, September 13, 2006

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Well, I finally moved to New York. You might say, 'wow, you'll have great chances to get out into the job force, right?' Wrong. I'm in upstate New York in a little city named Troy. It is located only miles away from the state capitol, Albany, but there are not many places where I would be itching to work at. Sure, I'm probably going to find some kind of job, but I highly doubt that it will be in writing. For now all I'm doing is getting my apartment all settled and my clothes out of my bags.

So far I've lined up a small interview with a scrapbooking company. I think that the company gives the option of working from your home because my hopeful future employer asked me to have 'tea' at her house before her kids get home from school. I'm just thankful that being called a "consultant" does not mean that all I do is host parties. Hopefully that goes well, since I'm only looking for a part-time job. I will be going home for about two months for the holidays, which means that it is hard to find a good job now and squashes my chances of taking any night classes.

On the plane from California to New York I was reading an old issue of US News Weekly. They said that most of the jobs are now in the business industry. I know nothing about business. I'm starting to think that even though I got my BA in English only three months ago that I should enroll in some business classes at the local community college.


Uncle D said...

Hi Allison:

Thanks for the update. Hope you are doing well in the city of Troy. Hear from you soon. Oh, how do you use this blogger thinging?

Uncle David

Anonymous said...

Talk to people who try to get jobs in NYC. It's not easy, especially when everyone wants to do the same thing you do.