Thursday, September 07, 2006

My nightmare

Last night I had a nightmare about X-Men and Harry Potter. It scared me so much that I don't think that I was breathing correctly and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I was seeing things from the eyes of Wolverine and Harry so that's why the two sections are from their points of views. So the parts where Harry held his breath, I think I did too because I felt really weird and out of breath when I woke up. The dream was in much more detail, but since I waited all day to write it, I can't remember all of the specifics. So, here it is down on paper for all of you to see what I see at night. Plus it's good practice for me to write what I see. They usually turn out to be very interesting, but confusing.

The Nightmare 9/6-06

Wolverine swung himself around the pole at the edge of the building kicking the onslaught of mutants and wizards. Some fell off the low edge, but stopped in midair and shot back up at him. They came at him like crazed lunatics. He kicked and slashed at the gang, looking for a place to go. Razors and tongues lashed out at him, cutting and bruising him. They watched in anger as he instantly heal. The only way out was to jump. Running for it, he leapt off the building and dug his metal claws into the next structure. The scratching of metal on brick was deafening. Dislodged chunks slammed into his face as he tore his way to the ground. Turning his head to look down, he could see more fighting in torrent rage below.

People with wands and flashes of green light were flying everywhere. Mutants and wizards battled one another, though neither was for the same cause. In the chaotic frenzy a boy ran into a large house trailed by a mob of men in black robes. In the house friends and family turned on one another. Twins fought with the black clad men, trying to kill the boy. He hid unseen beneath the dining room table.
“Where is he!” they all yelled. The boy held his breath, trying not to be heard. His red headed friend came barreling down the stairs and shot curses at the evil mob. The carrot head made a break for the table.
“Avada Kedavra,” the boy thought in his head, willing himself to produce a wordless curse. No one fell dead. The red headed boy appeared at his friend’s side. Neither said a word as the hid. How had the robed men not seen them? How could his friend have run across the room and not been followed? The men in robes disappeared with loud cracking sounds.
“Come out, come out where ever you are little brother,” the twins said in unison. The boys could hear a wail of agony from upstairs. Fear crossed their faces. The red headed boy mouthed a name, but no sound came out. The boy tried his silent curse again while the twins crept around the green velvet couch. He failed. The boys could only see the scratched brown shoes of the twins move around the room. The floorboards creaked as the roll of their feet. The deathly game of hide and seek sent their hearts pounding in their chests. The boy feared that the twins would find them by the loud thumping of the constant beating in his chest. One of the pair moved towards the table where they hid. Surely they would be discovered, but the twin passed by. Why couldn’t they see him.
Hooded figures ran down the stairs chasing a fluffy haired girl. She screamed and sent the killing curse at the twins. The fell to the floor with a loud thump. Their open eyes staring right at the hidden boys. Within seconds their bodies turned to water and rolled onto the wooden floor. The boys made disgusted faces and tried not to touch the melted body water.
“They’re dead. Leave them,” said a man.
Looking at each other, they nodded their heads and sprung up from under the table. They shot verbal killing curses at the men, killing them all. The two boys and girl ran for the back door. They leapt and jumped over bushes and plowed through shrubs. Two men in black robes crashed through after them. The trio hopped fence after fence, splashing though pools of water and glistening fountains. The pursuers followed, but acted as if they could not see them and were only following by sound.
The fluffy hair girl stopped suddenly and hid behind a tree. She motioned for the boys to follow suite. The red headed boy frowned and made a silent questioning gesture, but hid all the same. The two men in black robes continued on through the next garden.
When the coast was clear, the trio climbed up an old fire escape and squatted behind a dense cement balcony wall. With their breathing calm, they sat in a tense silence.
“Cut! Very good guys. That’s a wrap!” the director said. The trio stood from their cramped hiding place and whooped. The scene was finally complete.

I couldn't really remember how it started, but the ending actually happened this way, well sort of. In the end of my dream Harry started ripping flesh off of a thin piece of animal fur. I'm not exactly sure what that was all about, but his/my fingers were very bloody and the meat was very slimy and stringy. Also, the part where Fred and George die was much longer in the dream. I actually don't know who killed them and they fell in the middle of the floor. They also became invisible and someone was poking them with a rake and that’s when they turned to water and some said "leave them, they're dead." The house was very nice in my dream. The wood floors were stained to a dark color and the table where the boys hid was dark as well. In the dream I was actually seeing everything between table and chair legs. When I got really scared I hid my face behind the seat of a chair so that I couldn't see them. You know, the whole "if I can't see them they can't see me" idea. It was also very frustrating not being able to perform silent curses, since Harry was supposed to have learned this in his sixth year.

I'm not really sure why X-Men was in there. Maybe it was because I thought of getting the series on Netflix before I went to bed. Since Harry Potter is on my mind more times than not, I assume it's because I think about it so much. It's not unusual for me to have Harry Potter dreams. One of them was from Hermione's point of view. I actually wrote that one down as well. In the other one I had, I was given the choice between dating Draco Malfoy and Edward. I picked Edward of course and I told Draco that he was only a character and that he wasn't real. So I guess even in my dreams the world of Harry Potter isn't really real. What a shame.

And you guys wonder why I cry in my sleep? I have dreams like this to scare the living daylights out of me. You try running from hooded men who are trying to kill you with sticks and curses. I never did like hide and seek. I always had to go to the bathroom before we played other wise the anticipation of getting caught always made me have to go. Sometimes I still had to go even though I went right before the game started. I know, I know, it's all in my head.

P.S. I have news for you Harry Potter fans. JK Rowling has officially said that Dumbledore is not coming back. More main characters are going to die in the next one as well. boo hoo

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