Saturday, September 30, 2006

A new room!

Okay so I've been slacking on my Harry Potter rooms. Here is my newest room. Oh, just so you know, I post these all before they go through the editing committee so if you see mistakes they will be gone before the game gets fully published. And for those of you who don't know, the extended descriptions at the end are key words that players type in to see more of the objects in the game. This particular room doesn't have any echoes. Okay, so this one is one of my creepier ones. You probably shouldn't read this to my little cousins for bedtime stories. Well unless you want them to turn out to be scared of everything for the rest of their lives. Ooh! And this picture is from the upcoming movie that comes out on July 13th!!!

Bestia Turris Cell

Hands protruding from the floor hold lumos lit wands sporadically along a floor of magically bound hands. All wands are directed towards the east where the only exit lies. Glowing green wires tie the helpless wrists together in a tight-nit surface of soft flat palms. The small bright wand lights glare into the bulging eyes embedded into the walls and ceiling. Hundred’s of eyeballs swivel in stone sockets, emitting a squelching sound as each spins rapidly, guarding against intruders. Once an unfamiliar object is spotted, the eyes immediately cease movement to focus on the incoming trespasser. The eyes follow with an intense interest as the intruder enters the grotesque surroundings. As if on cue, the soft floor ripples to life. Each hand reaches to tear at the ankles of the newcomer, shredding the tender skin beneath the green bindings. Fingers crumple when stepped upon, like a spider withering in pain, curled and frigid.

Extended Description

Hands Wrists Glowing Green Wire Fingers Palms: Beneath the glowing wire, deep scars are visible from previous protests. As the hands come to life, the scars are reopened and torn once again. As the green wire is imbedded deeper into the skin, the wire begins to glow with a stronger intensity. Small wisps of smoke rise from the abrasions and the hands move furiously against the pain. The reek of burning flesh permeates in the air, triggering the trespasser’s gag reflexes.

Eyeballs Stone Sockets Swivel: The lidless eyeballs are bloodshot from their inability to blink. To avoid the pain, the eyes resort to spinning rapidly in their stone sockets in hopes of wetting themselves. Some of the more unfortunate are missing pupils as if they had been burned out; only their whites remained. Others were plagued by the clouded vision of cataracts. Each perfectly circular ball protrudes from the wall slightly, for a better view of the room. No eye has a matching mate.

Lumos Wands: The bound hands hold lit wands directing the intruder towards the exit. No spell can be cast with these wands as there are no mouths in the room.

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