Monday, September 18, 2006

new harry potter room

This is a new stairwell that I just wrote.

A cold draft ripples through the air from the top of the damp stairwell. The sea just beyond the stairs batters the stone with the wrath of an angry Hippogriff. The smell of salt permeates the air as the walls tremble and bits of moisture spray into the dark enclosure at each rhythmic thud. The soft rumbling echoes down the north exit, disappearing into the unknown. Small salt crystals shimmer in the corners of the low ceiling. A trickle of water falls down the steps in an even stream, rippling along the rough stone surface rolling towards the slanted south exit. Two salt encrusted sconces are imbedded in the rough gray wall. Narrow in depth, the slippery stairs lead up towards the sound of crashing water.

addecho 1 23 1 :A soft howl of wind echoes through the cold stairwell and down the south exit. The wind is chilling.

Salt Smell Air: Walls Tremble Water filled with sodium chloride burns nostrils as the chemical compound adheres itself to the tiny follicles on the tender inner skin. The salty mist comes from the overflow of seawater that terrorizes the stone structure. To the touch, the walls feel sandy from dried saltwater.

Trickle Water Stream: The tiny stream of water flows in an even line down the steps towards the south exit. From the bottom step, it is not discernable where the water comes from, though it most likely is from the pools of seawater that lay ahead.

Sconces Encrusted Imbedded: Two rusty faux gold sconces hang on either side of the stairwell. Salt is caked on to the glass panels from the incessant onslaught of seawater. Only a dim orange glow is emitted through the dirty glass, providing an incoming visitor little to see by. The light fixtures looked to have once been elegant and beautiful, but currently reflect the dismal atmosphere of Azkaban.

Christopher started playing the game, but I don't think that he is to interested in it because there are to many commands and actions that you have to remember. If you like this kind of stuff, please play and let me know how it is. The other writers here are really talented. I've gone around the place just looking at how well everyone else writes. I stopped doing that because it made me feel sorry for myself.

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