Friday, September 15, 2006

first days of NY

Well, so far I've spent a whole lot of money on things that we need for our place. You should see this place. It has pink walls! And I mean pink. The landlords painted the textured wall paper too and didn't do such a great job with it. I went out with Kati and Dan, our new friends, and had a little shopping spree for furniture and drapery. I've never had to shop for that kind of stuff before and have to admit that it is quite boring. I couldn't find any gray curtains for our bedroom, so it's all pink right now. The place is really nice for the price, though it is definitely a fixer upper.

Last night Edward helped me put together my desk from Goodwill, the behind the door shoe rack, and a billion curtain rods. The place looks a lot better, but the weird walls from the landlords are difficult to color coordinate. For instance, our family room has nice wood paneling on two walls, shingles on one and a half walls and a plain primer color white wall. On top of that the fireplace has a pinkish slab of marble in front of it. Needless to say, I'm pulling for color schemes for our place. Here's what I have planned:

Family room: red and creamish brown
Living room: dark brown
Entrance: beige
hallway: red and beige
bathroom: blue and black (the toilet, sink, and tub are blue and the walls is black and silver foil from like an eon ago)
office: blue
bed room: gray
Kitchen: green and yellow

This is why I've spent so much. I haven't even done our room yet because I can't find gray curtains!! I've also been trying to get rugs so that it isn't so cold here during the winter. I also decorated a couple of lampshades with nylons like I saw on Design Star. They turned out pretty well. Anyways, on with the going-ons.

We had gone to a movie session called "Dance Movies 5", which is a production of independent dance films. Most of them were pretty cool, but I have to admit that Modern Dance is kind of weird. When we got out it was pouring. After we finished putting up the curtains and it stopped raining we went for a walk to the pizzaria down the street. It is literally a block away. We got our slices of pizza, but since there were a lot of people there we decided to go walk and eat. The streets were all wet and the restaurant has a big mural of the Statue of Liberty so I felt like we were in a scene from a movie. Juni, that was my first Sex and the City experience. I don't think that the actually had an episode like that, but they could have! There were no cars our or anything. Edward even said that if we were in a movie we would be saying a really cheesy line. To burn off the late night pizza we walked up the steepest hill I've ever encountered in a city. The hill/mountain was even steeper than the ones in San Francisco.

Today I tried to get more stuff done around the apartment while Ed was a school. When he got back, we went to Walmart to get me boots for our caving trip. Let me tell you, that was the coldest I've been in a long time. We were wade though waist high water and at the end we even had to go all the way under the water to get out. Edward said that the last caving trip that he went on was a lot better because they got to see a lot more and they didn't get nearly as wet. The funny thing is that I actually burned myself on my Carbide head lamp, which is a little flame that you put on your head so that you can see, because my hands were so cold I tried to warm them with the flame. Since it was on my forehead I couldn't see where the flame was. I found it when I burned my wrist. Needless to say, I didn't try to warm up my hands that way again. I hope that's the closest I ever get to hypothermia. It was soooo cold! Plus we were wiggling our way through places that were only about a foot high. It's a good thing I'm small. I don't know if I’ll be doing that again. If I feel adventurous then maybe I'll go with the leaders that Ed had the first time lead again. But as for now, caving is not on my good side.

My Lamps

Family room

Living Room



I don't know if you can tell, but that sink is definitely blue!

Laundry Area



Okay, so the pictures are a little out of order, but I'm sure you can figure out the before and after. Basically anything with pink was the before. We also put up that nice rack above the toilet. There was no storage space in there at all!

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That hill isn't nearly as steep as SF. You're a sissy.