Friday, September 01, 2006

Project Legilimensia

Hello all! I've written another room. Let me know what you think.

Three dangling chandeliers made of Australian crystal sway gracefully from the slanted ceiling. Beams of yellow light reflect off every surface making the corridor appear large, though it is very narrow in width. Neat arm length strips of smooth looking glass cover the long stretch of walls. The floor of the corridor consists of millions of broken mirror pieces, crushed from heavy footfall. Above, the ceiling’s surface is decorated with intricately carved dimples that sweep over the long expanse. Following the blinding light, there are three choices of departure. To the south, lies a hall of darkness and foreboding, while to the southeast, the path is not nearly so dim. Turning in the opposite direction to the northeast, the way is less distinguishable, but is rather ominous.

Chandeliers Dangling Australian Crystal Each chandelier contains 57 diamond shaped crystals held together by hooks made of red glass. These hooks provide the only colour in the room. The light fixtures suspend from the mirrored ceiling by the largest hooks and produce an amazing wattage of luminosity. When the light catches the subtle edges of the hooks, each surface, though bright, looks as if they are streaked with blood. The corridor is rather blinding and warm with light.

crushed pieces dust The floor is grainy from miniscule particles of grounded glass dust. The crunching of shoes on the surface echoes off the walls, and every footstep can be heard. If scraped with a shoe, the sound produced resembles that of a body being drug across rough cement.

Dimples Curved Prism Each curved shape reflects light and directs it in a blinding prism around the hall. The structure of the shapes were made to exaggerate the ambiance of the red glass hooks. The piece of glass containing the concave carvings runs down the entirety of the glass; not a single seam is present.

add echo 1 23 2 The crystals of a chandelier hit together as they gently sway, letting out a soft tinkling sound.

If you are interested in playing here's the information:

Registered Characters will receive their passwords in a PM. For PC download SimpleMU at . For Macs I like to use Mudwalker. I got it at

Our address is:

Our port is: 5056

Also, if you want more info on the game you can go to the forum. It's pretty informative. For all you computer guys, I'm not sure how well it runs or how nicely it is set up, but it serves its purpose.

It's a text based game, so if you're interested or bored give it a try. Tell me what you think of it. Since these kinds of games piss me off I haven't played it. Well, any kind of computer related games piss me off...and computers, we just don't get along.

Anyways, I'm working on more of The Adventures of InviciBob for those of you who enjoy his powerful imagination.

P.S. For some reason I can't figure out why my link thingies don't work so you'll have to copy paste. And this (violently jabs a finger at the computer) is why I was an English major.

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Hiro Miyamoto said...

What happened to Project Legilimensia? I remember there was a lot of hype about it about 7 years ago.