Monday, March 25, 2013

Badger Cove Half Marathon

I've been training for my first half marathon for a couple of months now.  The day finally arrive.  I have to say, it was probably one of the most physically taxing things I've done since I was in competitive gymnastics, but boy, does it feel good when you finish.  My Uncle Daniel agreed to do the race with me.  I think he thought it was pretty difficult too since he normally runs flat half marathon races.  This course was pretty darn hilly at Del Valle Regional Park.  I finished at 2:49 hours and came in 9th out of 12 in my age division.  At least I wasn't last!

We had to do the loop twice. It is so disheartening when you are
doing the first loop and you see a sign that you've hit the ten mile
mark. That just means that you have to do it again AND you're not
even that close to the end.

 photo C6ED88A8-149D-4EF2-BC1F-C21EE74E795C-5769-000004BA0FB4DB7E_zpscba29cbe.jpg
The first really large hill that we had to run up had this great view.  The first
loop around the course I didn't take any pictures, but after rounding the large
loop a second time, I deduced that I wasn't going anywhere fast so I stopped
to enjoy the view. 

 photo 2B94AE8E-FAB9-4136-B429-83B3A51F7087-5769-000004BA0C5D749D_zpsb3040afd.jpg
On the second loop, these cows came to watch the runners.  They're probably
thinking, you stupid humans.  What are you doing?

 photo 20DB8E21-A2B2-462A-B8A3-78941ABC49A5-5769-000004BA07BF142A_zps55145713.jpg
This is one of the hills.  I managed to run up to about where
the second pole is on the right, but walked the rest of the way.

 photo D51E9385-240A-472C-8CD6-561C5BA32F42-5769-000004BA031EEA1F_zps147b162c.jpg

 photo 87AED82E-90EF-4C79-84D4-30A443DE261E-5769-000004BA0053EB00_zps315427af.jpg

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