Friday, March 15, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: March 7, 2013

Just a quick dinner tonight so this will be a quick post (like the last few).  I've been extremely pressed for time lately with being slammed at work, training for my upcoming half marathon, and trying to get our wedding website up and running while also still making healthy meals.  That being said, I sliced chicken breasts in half to get a few extra pieces out of them and also for them to cook faster and more evenly.  To get a little crust, I floured the chicken before putting it in the pan fry.  I also had a bunch of lovely, giant button mushrooms which I sliced up and made a pan sauce with soy milk.  We've found that substituting real milk with soy makes everything significantly sweeter.  It's not too big of a deal, but real milk is definitely better. Since milk bothers the both of us, I've been trying to buy soy instead.  I've also been making salads with our meals in an effort to fill us up with good vegetables instead of the main meal.  I think it's been working, though sometimes we just eat both and then feel overly stuffed.

 photo 21C54964-1B31-43A6-9386-8296FFD71A7E-3847-00000231070AFD58_zps6fea10b7.jpg
Heirloom tomatoes with avocado and balsamic over mixed greens
 photo 5701EDB5-439C-4BE2-A2DF-11C0D77E9F59-3847-000002311E7CD3D9_zps4a9d9482.jpg
I used the left over biscuits from Black Bear to make an impromptu biscuits and

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