Monday, March 11, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: March 2, 2013

I completed my 13.7mi run!  I was so excited and tired at the same time.  Nick picked up a Jamba Juice with protein powder in it for me to drink before we went to Chinese New Year dinner.  I hobbled my way into the restaurant and gobbled down as much food as I could.  I'm going to blame it on all of the running I've been doing.  My appetite is outrageous.

 photo A0E6329E-E56A-4270-AF9A-8042A1F1F56C-3847-0000023160F5D6B9_zps73eb8786.jpg
My left ankle always kills me after long runs.  Before I
set out for my run, I put a Ziplock baggie in the freezer
around a bottle and wa la!  Perfectly shaped ice pack for
my ankle or knee. 

We had pretty standard fare at the restaurant.  I think I could have eaten it all.  Even though we had two seats and my grandma at the table empty at our table we didn't have anything left.  I absolutely love Chinese food.  I just can't get enough of it!

 photo 921DE101-F1D2-4329-B41B-B0C616C1C619-3847-0000023147FD0A64_zps231fd0ee.jpg
Salt and Pepper pork ribs

 photo 7566199D-3412-4CAA-9C7D-DA3211DD91E2-3847-000002314BAAB7BE_zps653647ad.jpg
Mustard Greens

 photo 47542CF6-2897-4DDC-98F8-B2701F726D6A-3847-000002315154B5A1_zps32832acc.jpg
Roasted chicken with shrimp chips

 photo B83532EC-2B5C-4F54-BF80-C052ED8B0492-3847-00000231533FD007_zps117aa35d.jpg
Honey Walnut Shrimp

 photo 97AF6DA9-A4CF-475D-95EF-8D6B995B45BF-3847-000002315A30182D_zps7e5f5082.jpg
Black bean clams

 photo B4C07088-7A54-4DCA-81B9-5B7FC492EBE4-3847-00000231573C0343_zpsd583a71e.jpg
Daw mew

 photo A493906C-893C-4988-9C82-E7FD94A40777-3847-0000023149CE8F8A_zps6827f87a.jpg
Hong Kong style chow mein

 photo 5B1C96BF-1456-4DDB-AB84-A59E2D9A860C-3847-000002315CF1F347_zps4bcfe742.jpg
Mabo Tofu

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