Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Today's Lunch: February 27, 2013

My first rice plate from pho!  I have been eating pho since my college days and have never ventured into the plate-dom.  I love pho so much that I have never needed to.  We have been eating pho quite a bit, whether it's just going out to lunch with my parents on the weekend or going to  lunch as a couple on the weekdays, Nick and I have been eating it almost twice a week.  Fearing that I might actually get tired of pho, I tried a plate.  It was pretty darn good and definitely very filling.  I still love my noodle bowls though.  This plate came with a heaping pile of white rice, pork spear ribs, chicken wings, and an egg roll.

 photo 06FFF50F-A425-498C-BF17-B6FBB4C8A7F2-39663-000018F2D4DFA68F_zpsfa8bf228.jpg

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