Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: February 26, 2013

I wanted to try something different tonight with our burgers.  Generally, neither Nick or I like blue cheese, but I had it recently in a burger and wanted to try it for myself. I also added chopped up peppercinis to the burgers.  Sprouts had some awesome looking organic dandelion greens that I thought would be perfect to go with the burger.  I may not have cooked them properly, but Nick and I discovered that we don't like them.  They have a little bit of a bitter taste that over powered the flavor of the burgers.  I think these would be great stewed like a collard green, but they were not good for the purpose I was using them for.  I would definitely try them again using a different cooking method.

 photo D7D7A049-69E1-45EE-8E8A-6066CD0361A7-39663-000018F2DA32BF8E_zpse3267dfe.jpg

 photo 705D5217-2A69-438F-9277-F676B0067CD0-39663-000018F2DCEE03BD_zps1e92351f.jpg
I sauteed some onions to go on top of the burgers.

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