Monday, March 11, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: March 5, 2013

After a quick workout, I went out to Los Panchos to meet up with Linda and discuss her wedding invitations.  Turns out that we talked about her invitations for about ten minutes and then gossiped the rest of the night.  We're girls I guess and also creatures of habit.  We each both have our favorite dishes.  I love beans, rice, and cheese burritos and Linda loves Pastor Tacos.

 photo 52408461-7BEA-48D3-93DC-F422C89CBE2A-3847-00000231031A7F27_zpsf342a139.jpg
Pastor tacos

 photo C7C835AE-6BF9-4839-BAF7-406BD1318F99-3847-0000023104E4D346_zpsb43e4f05.jpg
BCR dinner

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