Monday, March 11, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: March 3, 2013

Our good friends Rob and Linda recently got the keys to their new house.  They have been waiting a long time and we are so excited for them that the day finally came!  Watching them go through the home buying process makes me want to live in our little apartment forever.  But as the saying goes, without risk there is no reward.

Nick and I headed out to Livermore to check out their new pad and have dinner.  We walked over to a local restaurant called Zephyr Grill and Bar.  We were very pleased that they were dog friendly!  They turned on the outdoor heater and we had whole patio to ourselves.  It was probably a good thing too as we all get loud when we get together.

 photo C064C415-91B2-410F-8275-A165D90B24C8-3847-00000231285FC585_zps338a82b1.jpg
I got a wedge salad as my starter. 

 photo 49C92E30-9591-474C-972D-10E57006C973-3847-000002312A429817_zps1b8753b7.jpg
Nick got a tomato soup and it came in a mug!  Pretty
clever.  I think I might do this at home.

 photo BAF16FCE-71FF-46EE-81B4-CDA45C37B505-3847-0000023133F4E7C4_zps44ac95b8.jpg
The rosemary bread and flavored butters were a nice start to the meal. 

 photo 827B053A-6835-4BE7-BE66-153D29EF3DE1-3847-0000023124787514_zps64d9a01f.jpg
Zephyr is known for their fried chicken.  Both Nick and
Rob ordered it and said that it tasted pretty good.  There
was definitely turmeric in the breading.  Maybe that's their

 photo 1841D9FA-57AE-4CB5-8F20-5C1AEF4B2720-3847-000002312241341C_zps0d6ebe0b.jpg
I think Linda got the Lemon Tarragon Chicken.

 photo 9C109987-6F6E-4189-BDE6-37E25B6B7CC5-3847-000002312070CE45_zps25449ffe.jpg
Since I had gone on a long run the day before, I figured I could afford to
eat a giant steak with mashed potatoes. 

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