Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: March 15, 2013

Tonight Nick decided to make dinner.  He went fancy on me.  He wanted to try making a banh mi style sandwich with the ground pork patties that we got from the pig butchering.  He pickled carrots, diakon, and jalapenos and also bought some liverwurst to spread on the buns.

 photo 96F6D680-D448-4824-ACE8-8707277DDEA9-11852-00000768F0D570B6_zps1a1bddab.jpg

 photo ECD146A5-067B-4B05-A481-628305FE6231-11852-00000768EB9FDCED_zps8b2a1855.jpg

 photo 4417C596-3614-4F93-BD30-77B1132BF17D-11852-00000768E8CBB5B0_zps06258965.jpg

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