Monday, March 11, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: March 6, 2013

Nick's parents invited us over for dinner and we try not to pass offers like that up if we help it.  Since I get off earlier than Nick, I planned out a run to his parent's house while he drove over.  As it turns out, the Fong's place is only about five and a half miles away from our apartment if I take the running trail.  It was quite a nice run also.  What I found interesting is that a lot of the homes that line the trails don't have privacy fences into their backyards.  Being the nosy one that I am, I was looking at all of the different backyards.  There are some nice houses along the trail!

Mrs. Fong is an amazing cook.  She made us three crabs, three pieces of turbot fish, tofu with mushrooms, gai lan, and rice.  Oh man, it was so good.  Mr. Fong and I were the last ones at the table eating the crab.  My favorite!

 photo D646C3E4-A841-4878-8181-F5A9A05A5AFF-3847-00000230E7AB3614_zpse71bb23b.jpg
Gai lan

 photo C623E79F-4824-41AF-8BF6-81EDC8F9F6EB-3847-00000230E3A34869_zps764159ab.jpg
Tofu with mushroom

 photo 3BDA301E-7086-4180-9394-0E607F1C2564-3847-00000230E57FE1F7_zps2733b235.jpg
Turbot fish

 photo 05EBB1F3-DECD-4B70-8871-6243DC900BF6-3847-00000230E99907A0_zpscbf0302e.jpg
Crab, crab and more crab!!!  Mrs. Fong prepared it as a
Chinese Ginger and Scallion Crab.

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