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Tonight's Dinner: February 24, 2013

I had scarfed down the cheeseburger and grilled cheese at 3pm knowing that I would be going to dinner with the Fong and Lee's (the Malaysia crew reunites!) at 6:30pm.  I've noticed that I've been eating a lot now that I've been running a longer distance.  My appetite was always healthy, but now it's beyond healthy.  I realized that once everyone is done eating I just continue going and going like the Energizer Bunny. I figured that since I ate a large, calorie packed meal not four hours before, that I would appear to be a normal eater.  Not so.  Dennis and I were the last ones eating the crab and Dennis is a much bigger person than I am. I just can't help it.  I love Chinese food and I can really pack it away, especially the Salt and Pepper Crab because it takes so much work to get the meat out.  I will just keep telling myself that.  We met at one of our usual hang outs, Imperial Seafood Restaurant.

 photo FFFD5662-2303-4CD0-9D4B-30969D8EACE9-33415-00001484A8D85C37_zps6d2697d8.jpg
Crispy pork and black duck soup.

 photo FC6A3C77-322C-4A9D-9B52-B452702C5710-33415-00001484AEE44ABF_zpsb3c30cfc.jpg

 photo 41F6649C-DDF1-438A-BD68-368E3C787C6F-33415-00001484BFBD05DD_zps14cf5129.jpg
Goose intestines over bean sprouts.

 photo 78E37A22-3BED-4363-90BC-E870655F42AD-33415-00001484C6BD5D0D_zps341ff1a8.jpg
Large clams over glass noodles

 photo 241E02A3-1CB2-429C-AD78-FF0229073F23-33415-00001484C3562E4A_zps10472824.jpg

 photo 13CECBFD-5A63-44F7-9984-7DD3C3D94EB1-33415-00001484B8769297_zpsf044fb86.jpg
Suck stuffed with sticky rice. 

 photo D7FD0BDB-819E-43A4-9E12-A3078C458E6F-33415-00001484CB3B2DF5_zps047d8da0.jpg

 photo BA3F6414-A0DF-4914-8E12-254C28E327BC-33415-00001484D2586E6F_zps4229470a.jpg
Salt and Pepper Crab

 photo 6C6EC0DA-9EDC-4B2D-A812-EC3AA6097C7E-33415-00001484DA472087_zpse693f90e.jpg
Chinese lamb stew.  Mr. Fong always orders this for me, but I was busy eating
the crab, which doesn't keep as well for leftovers.

 photo D9C18C58-B739-49CC-BAED-B00A0857FE6A-33415-00001484DEFF2AEF_zps077e5756.jpg
Chinese style fish

 photo 54D1D080-21F6-409C-9455-1B8AC051C8B8-33415-00001484E379AF66_zps47c0e4cb.jpg
I like big butts and I cannot lie...  The head waiter really likes us and always
talks to Mr. Fong.  Apparently these are from his personal stash.  They are
dessert balls that are traditional for the full moon during the Lunar New Year.
I don't normally like sweets, but I figured I'd try these since I've never seen them
before.  One had a sweet black bean past in the center and the other had peanut
butter.  They were actually pretty good!  The soup that they were in tasted like
pure sugar, but the balls were good. 

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