Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: March 9, 2013

Nick had procured two court-side tickets to the Warrior's game the evening after butchering the pig.  What a day for him!  Knowing that he was going to be gone, I invited Bonnie over for some wine.  We ended up watching NCIS for six hours straight and only took a break to walk to the sushi place down the street for takeout.  We ordered a ridiculous amount of food for two people and sadly finished it all.  By the time Nick came home all of the sushi was gone and we were still watching NCIS like how he left us.  Ahh, I love my Bonnie nights.  It is a step up from watching Too Cute: Kittens on Animal Planet.  We once did that and realized that we would die old cat ladies if we kept it up.  Cheesy cop shows will just make us paranoid old ladies.

 photo 9CB118F4-CFF5-4FEA-BF71-2A4444401591-8523-000005582E02B0DE_zpse9adf09d.jpg
When Bonnie went into the restaurant to pay, the lady commented that it was
a large order.  She pretended that it was for more than just the two of us.  

 photo 7196855C-97D3-457D-8830-38BDBC5444B1-8523-000005582A36FDA5_zpsb6ec58ef.jpg
Look at all those California rolls all for me!

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