Friday, March 08, 2013

Tonight's Dinner: February 28, 2013

Fajitas!  They are simple, fast and tasty.  If you don't pile on the cheese and sour cream like I do, it would be fairly healthy too!  I sprinkled some steak seasoning on the skirt steak and then squeezed lime juice on while it was grilling.

 photo A11399B4-CD25-42F9-A435-D4E216B741D3-39663-000018F2F7B83051_zps98cbc55f.jpg
I used corn tortillas even though I prefer flour.  They made the fajitas taste
so much better. 

 photo 899601E0-FBE8-48CD-A33F-394240E3381D-39663-000018F314DFE75D_zpscc449e62.jpg
All of our vegetable toppings.  We also had cheddar cheese, sour cream,
guacamole, and hot salsa. 

 photo 43CA61AE-F2EC-4EA4-A475-EF297AA51991-39663-000018F316F932FF_zpsef5f47e6.jpg

 photo 86948A69-E3EA-4990-925E-EBD50D38967E-39663-000018F3198182F3_zps672dca44.jpg

 photo 056028A6-8D50-49B2-915D-5E3ACC62C3F3-39663-000018F31D800AA7_zpsc2ad54b4.jpg

 photo 3B89A8B0-ECF0-42B5-80B3-A24E0F5972F2-39663-000018F31B966F13_zpse0e6058b.jpg
We've still been trying to eat full salads so that we don't eat so much of the

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