Thursday, May 22, 2014

Today's Lunch: May 17, 2014

Today for lunch Nick and I took a break from packing (we had only been packing for an hour) to go to a local food truck meet up put together by a company called Off The Grid.  We’ve eaten at food trucks before, but this was our first time at the meet up.  Off The Grid hosts these meet ups all over the Bay Area, but we went to the Concord gathering.   I’m pretty sure that they rotate the trucks that show up so you can always try something new.  We’ve been meaning to go and since we had boxes everywhere, it was good idea to try it out.  There were several trucks out, but Nick and I chose Sanguchon and Drewskis because they were the most appealing to us.  Their lines were also the longest, which meant good things.

Nick got a BBQ pork grilled cheese sandwich with mac and cheese inside from Drewskis.  It was amazing.  Super buttery, but amazing.   I went to the Peruvian truck, Sanguchon, for a Pan Chicharron sandwich, yucca fries, and Alfajores.  I’ve never tried yucca, and though the texture was fine, they didn’t have much flavor so we didn’t eat them all.  The sandwich, however was really good and Nick really enjoyed the cookies.  As I write this post, I could definitely go for another Pan Chicharron sandwich. 


BBQ pork and mac & cheese sandwich

Pan Chicharron sandwich

Yucca fries

Nick also got two scoops of Lexie's custard soft serve.  I tried a little taste and it was very creamy and flavorful.  It reminded the both of us of froyo.

The look she was giving us connotes "Is this what you do when you leave me at home?  Feed me you fatties."  But really, I think it's because the sun was in her eyes and it was windy.

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