Friday, May 30, 2014

Tonight's Dinner: May 25, 2014

After unloading my parents garage of all of the furniture that I had purchased off of Craigslist, Nick and I set off to start unpacking.  We made a sizeable dent in the stacks of boxes.  Long gone is our nice and neat empty house.  We have newspapers and flatten boxes all over the place.  Luckily, we borrowed a bunch of boxes from Nick's boss and he agreed to take them back along with the extra boxes that we acquired along the way.  So once those are gone, a lot of floor space will be cleared up.  I'm also laying out all of the newspapers in neat piles so that it fits in our recycle bin.  This means, however, that after unpacking all of our dishes, I have to sit there and flatten out the individual sheets so that they aren't in a crumpled mess.  The whole process is extremely time consuming and I hope we never move again.

We had planned to have a BBQ at my inlaw's place for Memorial Day.  I managed to pull together a Sichuan chicken marinade even though I couldn't find our soy sauce and had very little of the Sichuan noodle sauce left in the jar.  I added some water to the jar and shook it up to stretch it out between my two bags.  I marinated the chicken for about five hours while we were unpacking. As always, there was plenty of food and thankfully, my Father-in-law had a nice bottle of wine open. My feet were so tired and I needed a little loosening up.

I took a picture of these mushrooms because they were huge.  We ended up cutting them into thick slices to faster grilling.

Wild salmon

Korean bbq short ribs.  These are my favorite.

Grilled pineapple.

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