Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tonight's Dinner: May 9, 2014

Tonight kicks off a big weekend of eating for us.  We started at my parents place because my brother was coming home for Mother's Day.  My Mom has always outdone herself when one of us comes home from school.  I knew that she had steaks and shrimp on the menu, but didn't realize that she also wanted to make corn and a salad.  I suggested the grilled romaine that I've been obsessed with because it's easy and we didn't have to do anything besides cut the romaine in half and grill it.  I also wanted to bring over some Buffalo Chicken Wings from Safeway's butcher department because my Mom loves wings.  My Mother-In-Law also loves wings and had bought the a couple weeks back for a family bbq.  I wanted to make some so that my Mom could enjoy them too.

Nick had to stay late for a meeting so I started up the grilling.  My parents grill is older than ours and cooks a little unevenly.  I'm already not the strongest of grillers, so my steaks were not as pretty as Nick usually makes them, but they were definitely edible.  Once Nick arrived to take over grilling, I made Chinese-style shrimp per Christopher's request.  I'm pretty sure that I make the dipping sauce a little bit different each time, but it always tastes good.

Safeway chicken wings were about $3.50/lb.  This is two pounds worth.

So much food!

My Dad loves ceviche and one of my coworkers raves about a hole-in-the-wall place by my office.  When I told him about it, his face perked up and I knew that I had to get him some.  I haven't had a chance to get any since I don't usually go over for dinner after work anymore.  I went and picked him up a single serving since I knew that we would be having a lot of food to surprise him.  

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