Friday, May 30, 2014

Tonight's Dinner: May 28, 2014

Christopher had gone abalone diving with a friend over his birthday weekend so we wanted to cook them up. (They were frozen.) We all really enjoy abalone, but none of us had actually cooked it before.  Christopher's philosophy was that none of us knew how to cook abalone, but since Nick and I know how to cook we had a leg up on him.  My Mother-in-Law advised to cook them in a soup for a long time or cook it very quickly.  All of the things that we read online said the same thing.  I was originally going to put one of the abalones in a crock pot and cook it over night in chicken stock, but then came across an abalone chowder recipe that looked doable and delicious. There is still one more abalone, so I might throw that in a crock pot and stew it over night to see how that works out.  I have to find our crock pot in the house first.

After chopping up the abalone into pieces, we ended up putting it in a food processor for the chowder.  Oh how it hurt us to see it ground up, but it really did make it better for the soup. We were all cringing. We also cut up slices to pound down and quickly pan fry.  We dredged the slices in a flour and spice mixture that Nick concocted and then threw them into a hot frying pan for a few seconds.  It would have been nice to bread the abalone, but it was already getting late and we wanted to eat.  The dredging method worked out just fine.

Emmy is very interested in watching my brother eat French bread.

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