Friday, May 30, 2014

Tonight's Dinner: May 24, 2014

The last week and a half has been BUSY.  Between getting the keys to the house, setting up initial cleaning, carpet cleaning, last minute packing, and moving, there hasn’t been much time to cook anything.   If I had free time it was spent sprawled out on the sofa resting.  I've tried writing this post five times and had to cut it short due to lack of time.  I can’t wait to be all unpacked and back to normal life.  I’m getting really tired of takeout and I can’t find anything.  The house looks like a disaster.  It’s now Friday and we have the bulk of our kitchen gear unpacked and cleaned, but we haven’t tackled much of the upstairs. We are in need for organizational storage units.  My closet is coming together, something I’m over the moon about, but the rest of the master bathroom is still in boxes or on the counter.  I bought some nice baskets at Ikea, but need more. I told Nick that I feel like I have ADD when it comes to the house.  I start something in one room and then see something else that needs to be done in another room and then forget about the first room until I go back in.  Hopefully things will be all settled by the end of this weekend, but I don't know if we have that much energy.

For dinner on the night of move in, both of our families got together to visit the house.  At this point, the house was still pretty neat and tidy as all of the boxes were stacked and we hadn’t moved all of the furniture from my parent’s garage yet.  We headed to a new Korean chicken place called Pollo Pollo near our house that the Fongs have been raving about.  The food was really good and this might be our new "spot"... after I recover from takeout boredom.

Pickled celery (top left) and the other two are different types of daikon.

Kimchi rice

Extra spicy combination seafood ramen soup.

Regular fried chicken.

Medium spicy fried chicken.

Burn your nose hairs fried chicken.

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