Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tonight's Dinner: May 18, 2014

Even though we went to pho with my parents for lunch (it makes us very sleepy), we made great progress with packing.  Nick tackled the messy man cave while I wrapped up all the dishes in the kitchen.  I’m sure there will be broken items when we go to unpack, but I’m okay with that.  I just wanted to get it done and most of our stuff is Corelle anyway.  We had to make sure to use our time wisely because we had family birthday dinner to attend in Oakland.  Since it was a special 90th birthday celebration for Nick’s grandpa, we ordered the banquet menu, which is slightly different from our standard fare. 

Chow mein for the kiddos.

Chinese charcuterie.

Faux shark fin soup.

The roast chicken tonight was not well plucked and as a result, there was a lot left over.

Scallop and giant clam stirfry with snow peas.

Shrimp balls crusted in sliced almonds.

We cut the ball open to make sure there was no lobster in it before Nick ate one.

Ginger-garlic lobster

Duck feet and abalone over mustard greens.


Longevity noodles

Dessert buns filled with sweet bean paste.

Sesame balls with sweet bean paste and almond cookies.

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