Thursday, February 28, 2013

Today's Lunch: February 24, 2013

Christopher and I planned to try to do a 13.2 mile to see if we would be able to do a half marathon.  Fail.  We had our dad pick us 10 miles in.  We almost made it.  To start off the day, I had an avocado and tuna.  When we do races I prepare us two hard boiled eggs to eat in the car right before the race.  Christopher and I both agreed that the eggs gave us much more fuel than the avocado.  Once we got back, we were starving and got Nations.

 photo 31A4B4C4-654E-4EEC-A039-8588A3DCDE8C-33415-00001484A0BE5E2A_zps31ca83e1.jpg

 photo 9503979F-3455-4B1E-AD1E-23B7C1198A7C-33415-00001484A55215EC_zpsd43a65ab.jpg
We each got a cheeseburger and then shared a grilled cheese.  It sure hit the

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