Monday, March 07, 2011

Boots Makeup Remover

With all this talk about makeup, I thought I should do a review on makeup remover.  For a very long time I've been using baby wipes to remove all of my makeup, but I find that it doesn't quite get everything off.  I wake up with a little ring of black under my eyes from mascara that wasn't completely removed the night before.  Though it's an inexpensive alternative to those expensive makeup remover cloths that you see in drugstores, the baby wipes don't do as good of a job as I would expect makeup wipes to do.  (I've never tried actual makeup wipes.)

I had heard about the Target brand Boots remover pads from a Youtube makeup guru and decided to check it out.  Instead of getting the little pads that the guru had purchased, I decided to get the bottle remover.  My initial reaction was generally negative.   While Boots brand did get all of my mascara off, the remover felt greasy.  Really greasy.  Even if I wipe off the excess remover from my skin with a clean cotton ball it still felt very greasy.  I tried rinsing my face with water and it felt like the greasiness spread all over the rest of my face.  I had to resort to using a face wash to get the remover off.  This was a major negative for me because I don't like to use face wash twice a day.  I use it in the morning since my face is oily from my night cream, but at night I usually just wipe my face down with a baby wipe and then rinse with water so that my skin doesn't dry out.

After the first couple of uses, I didn't want to use it anymore.  The oiliness really was a bummer and it sometimes felt like it would get into my eyes and make my vision blurred.  I always take out my contacts before I remove my makeup, whether it's with a baby wipe or a traditional remover, but when the formula would get in my eyes it was blurry like I was wearing dirty contacts.  So not only was I practically blind from not having my contacts in, but my poor vision was further blurred by the remover.  After a few minutes this would go away, but I found it disconcerting.  I figured I could return it, but since Target isn't that close to us I didn't want to drive all the way back out there.  I decided just to use it up and not to buy it again.

I have continued using this remover for about a month now and have gotten used to the greasiness.  I found that if I use it and then wipe down my face with a baby wipe, it doesn't feel greasy anymore which is great because the remover itself works really well.  I still don't like that after I rub the swab over my eyes to get all the makeup off that some will get in and make my vision blurred, but at least it doesn't sting. I had tried the CVS brand of makeup remover and cold cream and both severely stung my eyes to the point that I didn't want to even try to give them a second chance and returned both right away.  They didn't even get all of my makeup off!  So though the Boots brand does feel greasy and blurs my vision for a little while, it gets the job done will without burning my eyes.  I don't think I will buy this brand again in the near future, but will keep it in mind if I can't find another sensitive eyes makeup remover.

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