Friday, March 04, 2011

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength: Nude Shimmer

This is the second time I've done my nails this week.  The original light pink I put on was peeled off during a long work day.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to put on another color since I so easily demolished the other look during one phone call, but my cousin is visiting for the weekend and wanted to see how the nail stamper worked.  It's much easier to use on top of nail polish rather than a bare nail so I put on this light nude color.  It dries quickly and is easy to clean up around my cuticules.  I plan to put a little white butterfly on each ring finger.  When I wear light colors I prefer to use the white Konad polish because it's not so bold.  If I want to have bold nails then I use bright pinks and purples.  I wasn't very fond of the stars from the beginning of the week.  I thought that the nail polish looked a lot nicer with out the boldness of the black.

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