Wednesday, March 23, 2011


For Briana's Senior Ball she is having a purple dress made for her by a seamstress she knows.  We've been practicing different makeup looks to see what she would like to have for the big night and she requested to have some purple in her makeup.  Since I don't wear much purple myself, I went out and bought some inexpensive pallets.  I'm pretty darn impressed with the quality.  As you know from previous reviews, I'm enamored by the quality of the ELF products, but I'm now also throughly impressed with Wet n' Wild's new approach.  I had heard that Wet n' Wild has become a pretty reputable low-cost cosmetic company in the last few years.  When I was a teenager I bought mostly their inexpensive nail polishes...and still sometimes do.  I've been seeing in videos lately that they have been coming out with small, but easy to use palettes.  They have a bunch of trios out, but also three or four different six-pan shadow palettes.  My CVS was pretty much out of their whole stock of Wet n' Wild stuff, but thankfully they had the purple palette left.  I would like to acquire a few of their trios and their neutral six-panned palette to try them out also.  Didn't I just say in my last post that my makeup purchasing needs to peter out?

Wet n' Wild: Lust Desire
I wanted to show a picture of the packaging.
The other picture is from their website so
that you can see the colors better.

ELF: Silver Lining
$1 at Target
All of these colors are pretty shimmery.  I have noticed that
the ELF shadows are very soft and apply better with your
finger rather than a brush.

We have yet to actually try any of these out yet, but I have swatched them all and really enjoy them.  I particularly like the Wet n' Wild matte shades and that sparkly black/purple color in the bottom row.  The good thing about purples is that they look good on pretty much any skin tone.  Now the only thing is to try them out!  We may not even use that much purple since I don't want her walking around looking like a grape, but I think that I can figure out a way to make at least one of these shades an accent color to match her dress. 

Stay tuned!  I'm expecting the Urban Decay Naked Palette to come in the mail tomorrow and am very excited.  I will be posting pictures and my initial thoughts on it after I play around a little bit.  Since I'm really not that great at doing makeup, I will be linking to some pretty nice looks on Youtube that you can do with it.  I'm so excited!

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