Monday, March 03, 2014

Tonight's Dinner: February 28, 2014

Tonight we spent the evening with a couple of friends.   We wanted Emmy and their new puppy to get acquainted in case we ever have to doggy sit.  Emmy did relatively well.  They had met once before in an outdoor setting, but this time was in the puppy’s lair.  Emmy did her classic raised lip growling rumble every time the puppy would get too close or excited.  There were a couple of nipping incidents and the puppy (only four months old) got the picture.   My friend was afraid that her dog doesn’t take social cues well, but she did just fine.  I think, even if Emmy is a grumpy old lady dog, that they’ll get along eventually.  After the puppy tired herself out, they both fell asleep while we watched Hunger Games.

For dinner we had Patxi’s pizza.  Patxi’s is very similar to Zachary’s, but I think I like their wheat crust better than the super buttery Zachary’s.  It was so delicious and very filling. 

One side had ham and the other pepperoni.

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