Monday, March 03, 2014

Tonight's Dinner: March 1, 2014

I had planned to go to a slumber party with some girl friends to have a Veronica Mars viewing marathon before the movie comes out in a couple of weeks.  That’s right. Adult women having a slumber party.  We’ve traded juice for wine and pizza for home cooking.  Long gone is the classic Truth or Dare because let’s face it, we’re old and have no shame when it comes to talking about bodily functions and body image issues.  The most daring thing we do nowadays is stay up past midnight.  That is the making of a grownup slumber party.  We still brought sleeping bags though for a bit of nostalgia.

My good friend is a fantastic cook.  I love, love, love her poppy seed chicken.  I would ask for the recipe to make myself, but it’s just never the same as when someone else makes it for you.  She also made mashed butternut squash that she had grown in her garden, salad, and pasta.  To top off the delicious meal, she also made a raspberry trifle.   In the morning, after several cups of coffee, we had a beautiful French toast casserole.  That’s a pretty big upgrade from when we were kids.  We are flat-out spoiled now. 

We had some pre-dinner buttery nipples.  I thought that the bottom was filled with glass, but really, it was Schnapps!

French toast casserole.

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