Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tonight's Dinner: March 21, 2014

Tonight we had a short reprieve from house hunting.  I know, I know, we're the ones putting ourselves through all this mumbo jumbo, but still.  It's a trying process looking for a place you want to call home for good.  I hate moving so I told Nick early on that I want to find a house and stay there forever.  We'll see what actually happens in this day and age...especially with our budget constraints.  We also wanted to give our realtor a break since she had 13 houses in place for us to look at the next day.  What do we do when we're stressed or overwhelmed?  Cook.

This is why we need a bigger kitchen.  We can be in control of what's happening on the stove.

Tonight we made grilled zucchini and onions with chicken apple sausage and quinoa.  Really, I was too mentally exhausted to think of anything really creative.  The veggies were all just salt and pepper for seasoning and I made my regular balsamic-garlic salad dressing (a recipe that I stole from a friend so the "my" really doesn't mean my) and added hot sauce, which I guess constitutes as my since I altered the recipe.  Whatever the case, the dressing is amazing and I thank my friend for sharing it with me.  The whole meal was super simple and didn't need a lot of brain power.  I also got to catch up on a new show on BBC that I've gotten into called The Musketeers.

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