Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tonight's Dinner: March 14, 2014

Tonight we met some friends for dinner out in Livermore.  I quickly did the CrossfitOpen workout (14.3) (not rx) and then we headed out.  We wanted to try out a place called Posada.  It’s a family owned restaurant started by a cater we all met through a family friend.  He actually did the catering at two weddings that we have gone to.  We were all pretty curious about his restaurant food.  It was pretty good!  His website dubs his style of cooking as Southwestern, but to me it’s fancy Mexican. This is why I’m not a food critic.  I like to lump categories together.  Chinese to me is an umbrella term for Taiwaness, Szechuan, Singaporean, Hong Kong, Mandarin, and Cantonese styles of cooking.  Arguably, they are all quite different, but it’s easier to say, “we had crab at Chinese last night” not “we went out and had Singaporean chili crab”.  In my head it is just simpler, but I suppose for the sake of the blog that I should start being more specific.  For the record, when we go out to Chinese with family it is usually Cantonese style food.  I digress.  We met up with friends for Southwestern food and thoroughly enjoyed their company.  The food wasn’t bad either, but neither Nick nor I was overly impressed.  We probably wouldn’t go back out there just for the two of us. 

That's a pretty sangria.

We ordered a salsa course to share.

I was a little disappointed with my pastor tacos mainly because they came with the same things on the salsa appetizer dish.  for some reason I don't like when places have the same items on multiple dishes.  I feel like I get jipped because why would I want to order the salsa dish if I it's on my main dish?


Nick's Shrimp cakes

I think these might be the smoked salmon tostadas.  Nick ordered them but I didn't taste.

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