Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Shoes

Hi my name is Allison, and I'm a shopaholic.  I've been going shoe crazy lately.  I haven't been buying that much makeup so it seems as though I've fallen back into buying shoes.  I alternate back and forth between the two.  Makeup a much cheaper habit, let me tell you.  A couple of weeks ago I bought two pairs of ballet flats from Target in a camel brown leather and royal blue suede (I can't find pictures on the Target website).  As if that wasn't enough to satiate my shoe lust, when I was sick I bought two more pairs.

When I was in San Diego in April for a friend's wedding I had worn my favorite dressy shoes.  They were very high at five inches with no platform so they were mighty uncomfortable, but they were beautiful.  Knowing this and that there would be plenty of dancing, I brought flip flops to wear.  It wasn't until a couple of weekends ago when I was looking for them to go wedding dress shopping did I realized I had left them under the table. After mourning their loss for a few days, I got on the internet to find a new pair of dress shoes.  I certainly did find them.  I purchased these shoes last week from and then also saw them on the Aldo website when I was looking for wedding shoes.  They'd make great wedding shoes, but I'm not going to wait a year and a half to wear them.  Bonnie and I are going to the SF Symphony tomorrow where they will be broken in.

Photo from Aldo website

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I had also gotten a pair of purple suede heels by Ivanka Trump.  On my laptop they looked more blueish and were called Blue Passion Suede so I figured that they were blue.  When I looked at them on Nick's computer though, they looked much more purple.  Either way I loved the color.  It turns out that they are much more purple than blue.  I'm still trying to figure out what I can wear with them since they're brighter in color than I was expecting, but they are gorgeous. 

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