Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tonight's Dinner: July 7, 2012

With Nick gone, I went on a dinner and movie date with Bonnie to see Brave on Saturday night.  It was pretty hot out and I had a late lunch so I wasn't particularly hungry.  We shared a bottle of Proseco and a couple of appetizers before walking over to the theater.  I love girly date nights!  It was nice to actually go out and talk since usually Bonnie comes over and we sadly watch cat shows on Animal Planet or criticize brides on their wedding dress picks.  We actually looked like the 27-year-olds that we are when we at the restaurant. Yay for not being old cat ladies!

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Caprese salad and white wine mussels

Brave was really good, as we expected.  It was a little scary for kids though.  The little girl in front of us started to cry at one kind of scary parts. I, of course, was blubbering like a baby at the ending.  It's not a good Disney-Pixar movie in my opinion if it doesn't make me cry.  

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