Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sunday, July 8, 2012

My friend Madeline and I have been on a race running kick.  We now have two under our belts and are signed up for a third.  On Sunday we ran our first 10k in 1:11 hours.  I'm convinced that we can do the next one faster especially because it won't be as hilly.  It is very fulfilling to complete these races.  I'm hooked.  Our ultimate goal is to run a half marathon before my wedding.  I want to run the Big Sir Half Marathon in Pacific Grove this November, but I'm not sure if I'll be read for that.  I've also suckered Christopher into doing a triathlon in September with me.  This should be interesting since I'm a terrible biker.

For breakfast the day of the race, I made myself a hamburger and egg breakfast burrito.  I find that if I have a lot of protein for breakfast it makes running much, much easier.  It wasn't the tastiest burrito, but at 6:30am on a Sunday, not many things are tasty to me except my pillow.

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After our race I quickly showered and headed to my parents place so that we could go to a Welcome Home  picnic in Folsom.  Sorry, no pictures of this because it was so dang hot.  I pretty much plopped in a camping chair and waited for the boy scout troop to come in from their 400mi bike ride from Oregon.  As the troop came in they got a sheriff's greeting with his lights and sirens, which was pretty nice for the riders to see. Some of them are as young as 13 and were having a difficult time with the heat and distance.  The oldest in the group is 72!  It's a pretty amazing feat and having the sheriff's welcome was nice for them to see. 

Once they arrived we had a fantastic spread of picnic food.  I gorged myself as I hadn't eaten since the burrito and it was nearly 3:30pm when the troop rolled in.  Emmy did an amazing job of not chasing the bikes or being bothered by the kids running around.  I think that she was just super hot.  She didn't even mind that another troop dog took over her portable bed and water bowl.  I told myself that it was because she is a good girl, which she is, but she was just as hot as the rest of us with her coat of fur and didn't care.

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On her portable bed with the water bowl within in neck reach.

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