Friday, July 20, 2012

Tonight's Dinner: July 19, 2012

Tonight Nick's cousin Dennis came over to pick up a camera that he had let Nick borrow.  We decided to grill up some steaks, roast potatoes and mushrooms, and saute some garlic green beans (one of my staples). My Auntie Wendy and Uncle David had picked up some Roasting and Grilling Spice Blend at Harris Ranch for us on their last trip back home from Disneyland because they know that we enjoy grilling.  It was delicious and made our steaks really taste like restaurant quality.  Usually, I make my own dry rubs, but this was so tasty and easy that we're definitely going to have to use it again soon.  I bet it would be awesome on some jumbo prawns too. Mmmmmm.

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My beloved garlic green beans. I think I ate
about half of this bowl by myself.

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Roasted red potatoes, baby portabella mushrooms
garlic, and rosemary.

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I picked up giant rib eye steaks from Costco after work.  I barely made a dent
in mine.  Nick has a nice, big lunch awaiting him.

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