Monday, July 02, 2012

Tonight's Dinner: June 30, 2012

Nick, Christopher, and I spent all day up at Sears Point watching my friend at his first motorcycle race.  By the end of it, we were hot, tired, and sticky.  We agreed on eating left overs for dinner, but I also wanted to make a little salad.  Turns out that my little salad was a big salad and we were too full to eat our left overs.  I roasted a head of garlic and pan fried some sardines and eggs to go on top.  I used the remainder of the vinaigrette from the corn salad so that I could get the jar washed and put away.

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This is what was under the eggs.

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I believe that my friend Patryk is the 2nd to last green bike. It's kind of hard to see from this video but I know he's not the last guy.

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