Friday, December 14, 2012

Tonight's Dinner: December 13, 2012

The weather is quite chilly and we had turkey bones left over from last week.  Perfect time for jook.  I put the rice and bones on the stove while I went for a short run.  My short runs, unlike my uncle who runs a 10k every night just for kicks, is actually a short run consisting of a steady-paced two miles.  After he did the Disneyland half marathon a couple of years ago, I was inspired to start running again to try to do it also.  Unfortunately, last year I gave up because it fell during the time we were going to Malaysia.  This year I actually hope to do it.  We will see.  It's before the wedding so I might actually have motivation to keep up my running.  Plus, Emmy loves it.  She is content with a solid 3.5 miles, which is currently our long run.  That's probably my uncle's warm up, but we'll get there.

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Nick and I eat our jook differently.  I grew up with very plain jook with just
turkey and white pepper in it.  He grew up with everything in the kitchen sink
in his.  I made gailan and bean sprouts on the side so that we could put in as
much as we wanted.  This is Nick's bowl with extra fried garlic on top.  I put the
veggies in mine, but ate them all off the top first because I felt like I was ruining
my jook.  Nick added awful smelling bamboo shoots and fish sauce to his also.
Fish sauce smells terrible, but I think the bamboo smells worse.  

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